Pictured: Southern Illinois Seeker chapter president Brody Oxford presenting $150 donations to to Taylor Jenkins to benefit the Book Club; Mr. Jones who sponsors the Chess Club; and to co-sponsor Mrs. Jolene Fowler who accepted on behalf of both the Drama Club and the Fine Arts hour. Reima Shetler also sponsors.

By Jennifer Lane, Editor

Brody Oxford, President of the Southern Illinois Seekers held an informative meeting at Hardin County School last Thursday (August 30, 2018)  to explain the goal of the chapter in the community and to recruit new members. On behalf of the chapter, Oxford presented four donations of $150 to the Book Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, and the soon to be Fine Arts hour.
Southern Illinois Seekers is a chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance where literacy and community volunteerism is promoted among its members. Within the last year, members of the Southern Illinois Seekers have:
• Donated nearly 1,000 books for charity
• Empowered over two dozens members to volunteer
• Volunteered providing many man hours to help reorganize the school libraries
• Hosted community based events such as karaoke, trivia nights, movie nights, board game contests, bake sales and reading races.
• Hosted two house cup championships
• Helped form the Fine Arts hour at Hardin County School for kids who want to creatively express themselves during Flex class two days per week. Students will have access to different art media such as paint, mosaics, weaving, etc.
Currently the Seekers are holding a Poetry Contest for both Jr. High students and High School students. Two winners (one from each group) will receive $50 and their winning poems will be published in the Hardin County Independent.
President Oxford and members of the Southern Illinois Seekers hope that the donations given last Thursday will provide school clubs with more opportunities and resources for the students. The donations can be used for whatever the club is needing. Oxford gave examples such as: gas money for Chess Team to compete at State or to purchase chess timers for practice; supplies for Drama Club to put on a production or to add to travel funds when they go see a performance; books can be purchased for those who can’t afford a book in Book Club; or to purchase of supplies needed for the Fine Arts hour.
In an effort to recruit, President Oxford assured potential members that it is not a requirement that they like Harry Potter, but that they might have a desire to help in the community and have fun while doing it.
The Southern Illinois Seekers holds meetings every Wednesday, 4 p.m., at the Rosiclare Memorial Public Library. To learn more or stay up to date, join the Southern Illinois Seekers Facebook page or contact Brody Oxford at (618) 294-3824.


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