5-10-18 Hospital week balloon

Hospital and Clinic staff have a balloon release to celebrate.5-10-18 Hospital Week

Hardin County General Hospital and Clinic is celebrating 60 years of service to Hardin and Pope Counties as part of the annual National Hospital Week, May 6-12, 2018.
Rosiclare General Hospital was a 17-bed facility in downtown Rosiclare operated by the Rosiclare Lead and Fluorspar Mining Company. The two-story building lacked an elevator and patients had to be carried to the second floor by staff on a litter.
In April of 1956, ALCOA donated land for a new hospital. The following year Minerva Oil and ALCOA donated funds and mining employees began voluntary payroll deductions to fund the construction. The new 25-bed facility was completed in October and dedicated in November of 1958 with Dr. John R. Duffey as the first administrator. The hospital was completed at a cost of $631,000 with very little debt.
ALCOA donated additional land in 1968 and a new addition was completed in 1969 increasing the number of beds to 48. Obstetrics was discontinued in 1970. In January of 1971 Dr. Duffey passes away and Loetta Allen becomes Administrator. From 1973 to 1979, Hardin County General Hospital was also the provider of ambulance service. Ben Felton became Administrator in 1974. May of the following year, Outpatient Clinics and a Retail Pharmacy were built on the hill behind the hospital. In July 1978 additional Clinics were built beside the first.
Roby Williams became administrator October of 1981. The Hospital Auxiliary was formed in November of 1983 and began operating a Gift Shop to the public to fund projects for the hospital. The first project funded by the Auxiliary was the helicopter landing pad.
March 1985 Hardin County General Hospital was designated a Sole Community Provider for Hardin and Pope Counties. The designation enhanced the hospital’s Medicare reimbursement. In February of 1987 the Administrative Addition was added to the front of the building. The following year CAT Scan services began to be offered.
In May 1989, the hospital began offering Swing Bed Services to the community. In April 1994 the clinics began to be operated by CHESI as Federally Qualified Health Clinics. 1997 brought the addition of Physical Therapy.
Mobile MRI services began in 2000. April of the following year a Mammography Department was started. In May of 2002 teleconferencing equipment was installed and a Medical Education Department began.
July 2003, Hardin County General Hospital was designated a Critical Access Hospital. The bed count was reduced to 25 and Medicare reimbursement became cost-based as part of the new designation. The following year the hospital began offering Sleep Study services.
In 2005, the hospital upgraded to a spiral CT and began offering Ultrasound services. Later that year the doctor’s were employed full-time and the hospital assumed control of the clinics. The following year the hospital became Hardin County General Hospital and Clinic with the addition of the designated Rural Health Clinic.
Bone Density scans began to be offered in October of 2007 and Digital Radiography was added in 2008. Digital scans can now be sent anywhere in the world for a reading by a Radiologist. In 2010, several areas of the hospital were renovated in order to upgrade to an 8-slice Spiral CT adjacent to the Emergency Department. In 2011, the hospital began the transition to an electronic health record.
In 2014 Endoscopy services were added to the outpatient services of the hospital. Renovations occurred to expand the Clinic and renovations were completed to join all clinic office spaces into one continuous building. The Serenity Behavioral Health Program was started in the additional clinic space. In 2016 3D Tomography replaced the mammography services and in 2017 the hospital’s parking lots were expanded and resurfaced to meet the growing demand of the hospital. Family Counseling began offering services on-site at the hospital January 2017.
The latest renovations completed in March 2018 have provided a registration window at the rear entrance of the hospital for the emergency department. Patients arriving through the ER entrance can now register for their outpatient services at the window rather than the front lobby.
Additional space was also added to the lab to accommodate additional equipment. Many tests that were formerly sent out of the facility are now done in-house giving our medical providers the ability to diagnose and begin appropriate treatments more quickly.
ardin County General Hospital and Clinic continues to seek opportunities to enhance the services offered to Hardin and Pope County. As we celebrate our 60th year, we continue to care for your family with our family and hope to do so for many years to come.