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Hardin County General Hospital and Clinic is holding an Open House and Health Fair on Tuesday, May 8, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the hospital’s newly renovated back wing.
The following vendors are confirmed at this time: Egyptian, Harrisburg, and Addus Home Health Agencies, Medicine Shoppe, Integrated Health, Shawnee Development, Guardian Family, Carrier Mills Rehab and Nursing, Shawnee Alliance, Family Counseling, Rides Mass Transit, AFLAC, Rosiclare Rehab, Hardin County Housing Authority, New Vision, and Prevent Child Abuse Illinois.
The Open House and Health Fair is being held in conjunction with National Hospital Week and Hardin County General Hospital’s 60th anniversary celebration. Hardin County General Hospital opened in 1958 replacing an aging two story structure downtown.
Hardin County General Hospital and Clinic is celebrating 60 years of Caring for Your Family with Our Family.

Physicians who have practiced since 1958:
Dr. Duffey, Dr. Tuttle, Dr. Jankus, Dr. Goldstein, Dr. Hyatt, Dr. Rosenbaum, Dr. Villasenor, Dr. Villanuaeva, Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Orduna, Dr. Cameron, Dr. Arcuino, Dr. McGue, Dr. Ylitalo, Dr. Ewell, Dr. Warren, Dr. Lim, Dr. Holt, Dr. N.Chiranand, Dr. W. Chiranand, Dr. Quarishi, Dr. Archbold, Dr. Sunga, Dr. Peri, Dr. Zalenski, Dr. Djurovic, Dr. Abdo, Dr. Pepito, Dr. Gregario, Dr. Chatto, Dr. Enad, Dr. Bose, Dr. Youseff, Dr. Birch, Dr. Bonnaig, Dr. Hastie

Current Medical
Dr. Sunga, MD; Dr. Chatto, MD; Dr. Hastie, MD; Pam Atkinson, FNP-BC; Amber Frailey, ANP; Cheryl Hicks, APN

Dr. John Duffey, 1957 – 1971
Loetta Allen, 1971 – 1974
Ben Felton, 1974 – 1981
Roby Williams, 1981 – Present