Cazz Barnard and Jennifer Lane

By Jennifer Lane

The Christmas tradition of painting the Hardin County Independent windows began long ago with the late Betty Hurford. She was the former and late editor Noel E. Hurford’s wife, and mother of the editor, Julie (Hurford) Farley and grandmother to the owner, Jennifer Lane.
Betty was a very creative person who loved to paint, sew, craft, and arrange flowers. She had a great personality. She love her community and being involved in those type of activities. Painting the windows was a wonderful way to make their business look perfect for the holidays.

7" Betty Hurford at Independent

Betty Curtis Hurford

Betty included her grandkids in many of her activities. She shared this tradition, creating many good memories with them. She has painted a variety of things at Christmas but one year she painted a huge turkey along with a message on the window at Thanksgiving.
My sister Heather and I want to keep the tradition going so we continue to paint and hopefully someday our kids will continue it on their own also.
The kids love to paint the windows and always feel good about how it looks. They get lots of honks and waves from people driving by, probably excited seeing kids doing a great thing in the community, sharing Christmas Spirit.

Painters this year were some of the late Betty and Noel Hurford’s great-grandchildren: Weston Barnard, Cazz Barnard, Aida Barnard, and Luke Lane; and two of their grandchildren: Jennifer Lane and Heather Rash.


Weston Barnard – Age 512-7-17 window WEstonIMG_225712-7-17 Windows Cazz

Cazz Barnard Age 10

IMG_224512-7-17 Window Aida

Aida Barnard age 11
IMG_225112-7-17 Window Luke

Luke Lane age 11


Aida Barnard and Heather RashIMG_2268

Jennifer Lane and Cazz Barnard

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