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Pharmacist Dr. Amanda (Haney) Etienne has taken ownership of Hardin County Pharmacy.

The Hardin County Discount Pharmacy began in 1979 in a partnership between Rick Wilborn, Dr. Ewell, and Dr. Warren. At that time, the pharmacy was in competition with Stone Drugs which was later bought out in 1997 by Wilborn. The pharmacy grew and was modernized in 2007 when a new building was built alongside its previous location. On June 29, 2017, Tim and Dr. Amanda Etienne bought the Hardin County Discount Pharmacy, now with the new name Hardin County Pharmacy. It continues to be a Health Mart store and is located next to Hardin County General Hospital.
Amanda (Haney) Etienne grew up in Hardin County in the Karbers Ridge Community. Her parents are Rosalee and the late Sidney Dale Haney. She has three older brothers: Scott, Steve, and Thomas “T.J.” Amanda graduated from Hardin County High School with the class of 2001.
When Amanda was a senior in high school, she was accepted and offered a scholarship to St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Amanda rejected the offer, feeling that she lacked experiences to make such a big decision. She felt it was too much of a big step only being 18 years old. She began attending SIC, and continued to work since she was 16 years old at Kemper CPA in Harrisburg. While attending SIC she also was a student worker at the switchboard, but wanted to gain experience in the pharmacy field. She left Kemper and began working at Medicine Shoppe in Harrisburg as a pharmacy tech and found that she really liked it. Looking back, she doesn’t regret dismissing the opportunity in St. Louis, but thinks of it more of a blessing. Her father became ill with cancer and she was able to spend that year with him, while living at home, before he passed away.
As time went on, and after working at Medicine Shoppe and job shadowing Rick Wilborn at Hardin County Discount Pharmacy, Amanda realized that she was ready to become a pharmacist. She finally took that big step and moved six hours away to attend Samford University in Birmingham, AL.
Amanda would come home each summer, and on breaks from school, to work at Medicine Shoppe. She felt this was important to expand her experience and pay off debt. She also looked forward to seeing especially one of her co-workers, Pharmacist Tim Etienne, whom she later married in 2008.
Many in the county know Tim because he also worked at Hardin County General Hospital as the pharmacist for a year or so. They have five children: twins Kaitlyn and Karli, 19; Joey, 16; Sydney, 6; and Luke, 2 1/2.

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Phamacists Dr. Amanda Etienne and Tim Etienne with children Luke, Joey, Sydney, and Kaitlyn. Karli was not present for photo.
In 2009, Amanda graduated with top honors as a Doctor of Pharmacy. To begin her pharmacy career, in June 2009, Dr. Etienne worked at CVS in Harrisburg and continued for three years until she was asked by Wilborn to work full time at Hardin County Discount Pharmacy in 2012. She worked there as an employee until she purchased the business in June.
Dr. Etienne is glad to own a business in the community that she cares so dearly for. “Since I started pharmacy school, it was my dream to own my own pharmacy,” said Dr. Etienne. “I’m glad to be able to help the community that I grew up in, and feel blessed to confidently work alongside top notch physicians, PAs, and Nurse Practitioners locally.”
Since buying the Hardin County Pharmacy, Dr. Etienne has begun to make updates and improvements to different aspects of the pharmacy. “I’m open to new ideas or suggestions for the pharmacy,” said Dr. Etienne. “I encourage customers or potential customers to give input on how I can make their experience better. If there is a product they are interested in that we don’t have, we’ll consider ordering it and keeping it in stock for them.”
Dr. Etienne has already added some new products at the pharmacy hoping that Hardin Countians will support her local business. “Offering new products is a way to make buying unique products more convenient for local customers,” says Dr. Etienne. “Having the products available here would save the cost of an out of county trip.”
Some of the newly added products are listed below:
• Lori Ann Flavoring Oils – used for cooking or candy making. (Different from these flavoring oils, the pharmacy also has flavoring that can be added to liquid medications to improve taste.)
• TENS units and supplies – TENS units are used to help people with nerve conditions. The unit sends stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along the nerve strands.
• Rock Tape and Rock Sauce products – Rock is a brand name for kinesthetic taping that facilitates the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion. Products of this nature are used with athletes and those with orthopaedic or neurological conditions.
• Tuxedo and Suit Rentals – Now an authorized Jim’s Formal Wear Retailer!
Along with new products offered, the staff has implemented a new computer system called Pioneer Rx. It is a top of the line pharmacy software system. With the new system, bottle labels, invoicing, and signing for medications are different, but more efficient. The system also offers text alerts for customers who sign up, to notify them that their prescriptions are ready for pickup.
Coming soon is a program called IVR (Interactive Voice Response). After hours, customers will be able to call in and refill prescriptions by entering their prescription numbers to an automated system over the phone. Dr. Etienne hopes to expand this service as an internet based program or Mobile App in the near future. These programs will be free and the staff will help customers get set up if needed.
Staff at the pharmacy continues to consult with customers about Medicare D plans and coverage during the enrollment period from October 15 – December 7. For those over age 65 or eligible for Medicare Part D, the staff will enter the customer’s information into a program called iMedicare. The program will find the top three plans that best meet his or her needs. It will also compare monthly premiums for the customer. This service is merely informative and free of charge; the pharmacy does not sell the plans or make a profit for helping customers choose.
Anytime customers have a question about a product or prescription, Dr. Etienne encourages them to ask. She will gladly meet privately in a separate room if requested. She can also make an appointment with customers if desired. Dr. Etienne wants customers to feel comfortable and confident with their medications. She also wants them to know that their privacy is being respected at all times by her staff. Currently employed staff members at the Hardin County Pharmacy are: Sheila Shelby, Cindy Henderson, Julie Warren, Sherry Barnard, Angela Oxford, Chris Williams, Courtney English, Jessica Boulds, and Hunter Shelby.

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Dr. Etienne helping customer Clay Cullum.
Dr. Etienne is excited about this business venture in her home community. She wants the pharmacy to play an active part of the community and be involved in local activities. Most importantly, she hopes to offer a personal and trusting relationship, along with competitive pricing and new products to enhance the local customer’s experience.
The Hardin County Pharmacy is located at #7 Ferrell Road, in Rosiclare, IL. It’s open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and on Saturday, from 9 a.m. to noon. It’s closed on Sundays. Visit and “Like” the pharmacy on Facebook at “ Hardin Co Pharmacy”. Email: hardincopharmacy@gmail.com. For more information, call (618) 285-6618.

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