58 Hardin County High School students help clean up banks of Ohio along with host Living Lands and Waters and sponsor Lafarge.


By Jennifer Lane

Last Friday, October 14th, a group of 58 Hardin County High School students exited the Illinois shore of the Ohio River in large jon boats for an expedition to clean up the banks along the Ohio. The target area was downriver from Elizabethtown near Rosiclare, and across the river, on the Kentucky side. This learning adventure and river clean up was funded by LaFarge and hosted by Living Lands and Waters, a not-for-profit river habitat clean up organization.
Tammy Becker from Living Lands and Water said that their base is in East Moline, IL. Currently they have been focusing on a clean up trek from Cincinnati, OH to Louisville, KY. The workers live on the barge during this clean up. Their dogs, Pork Chop and Travis stay with them and like to go along with them on clean ups like last Friday. Thanks to Lafarge organizers, Dewayne Cannon and Sean Frisch, getting with teacher Sharon Austin, Living Lands and Waters workers took a break from their current clean up to team up with Hardin County students. Prior to arrival of students, Becker said they scouted out areas along the banks appropriate for the kids to clean up. They found a particularly trashy area just beneath the Rosiclare water tower on the shore.
Students tromped through the muddy banks and found all kinds of trash. Some items found were: television, barrels, tires, a jon boat, cans, bottles, gas can, case of water, a license plate, metal, a coconut, glass jars, dash board, car seat, boat seat, life jacket, anchor, kiddy pool, heater, sled, deep freeze, and buoy. The students placed the trash in heaps along the banks and the Living Lands and Water crew went back to collect it in a couple of boat loads to haul away.
This is the eighth year that Hardin County Students have participated. Becker said that the students here are great, always work hard, and do a thorough job. She said they enjoy working with the students in this area. What she hopes that each student will take away from this experience is that he or she can make a difference in his or her area. Next year, they plan to move their trash collection on downriver, past Rosiclare.
Following the clean up, Lafarge provided lunch of hot dogs and hamburgers for all participants at the Cave In Rock Park.