Amateur photographers are invited to submit 8″ x 10″ matted photos that have been made in the counties of Hardin, Pope, Saline, Gallatin, Massac, Pulaski, Johnson, Alexander, Williamson, Jackson, and Union. To be judged they must be submitted by September 24, 2016 to the Rose Clare Craft & Antique Mall in Rosiclare. There are 10 different divisions and individuals may submit two pictures per division if desired.
The winners will be announced on October 1, 2016 at Fluorspar Days in Rosiclare.
To find out more information, rules, divisions, and drop off sites, please see flyer below or call the Rose Clare Craft & Antique Mall at 618-285-7030.



More about the contest and Noel E. Hurford…

By Darlene Hamilton

The Noel E. Hurford Photograph Contest is one of the many events featured at the Hardin County Fluorspar Festival in Rosiclare, Illinois. Rosiclare, located on the beautiful Ohio River in rural Hardin County, has hosted the Fluorspar Festival since 1965. The annual Fluorspar Festival is the first weekend in October and celebrates the impact of the Fluorspar Mining Industry on the rural county. Fluorspar has been part of the Hardin County since 1839 when the first lead ore was discovered a mile south of Rosiclare. With the discovery of Fluorspar, a booming mining industry developed throughout Hardin County. The developing mining industry brought people and businesses. Rosiclare became known as the “Fluorspar Capital of the World”. In 1965, fluorspar became the Illinois state mineral. As fluorspar mining was expanding in other places, the industry began declining in Hardin County. By 1995, the last of the mining companies were shutting down. The Fluorspar Festival helps keep the memories of those booming days alive in the community for both the young and the old.
In 2008, the Noel E. Hurford Photograph Contest became part of the Fluorspar Festival in honor of Noel E. Hurford the editor and owner of the Hardin County Independent. Noel began working at the Independent in 1947. In 1951, he moved to Marion, Kentucky to work at Moore Business Forms. He returned to the Hardin County Independent in 1956, became managing editor in 1960, and became the owner of the Independent in 1970. He remained the editor until 1999 when his daughter, Julie, became editor. When Noel passed away in 2008, Julie became the owner of the Independent. Now, as of January 2016, Noel’s granddaughter Jennifer Rash Lane is the owner and his daughter Julie is taking steps towards retirement, however still remaining editor for now.
Noel was well respected in the community and well known for his love of history. He enjoyed documenting the history of the county with his photographs. Along with history, Noel appreciated the natural beauty of the county and enjoyed photographing it when the opportunity arose. He and his family enjoyed walking the trails of the Shawnee National Forest looking for wildflowers and other natural wonders to photograph. This love of photography inspired the committee to name the photo contest after him.
The Fluorspar committee wanted the photo contest to showcase the beauty of Hardin County and to give people the opportunity to show off their photography skills while exhibiting this beauty. Later, they realized they were missing the opportunity to showcase the other beautiful areas of Southern Illinois and more counties and divisions have been included.