By Ava Bishop
4H Reporter

The Corn Fed Clover 4-H chapter is collecting plastic caps and lids for a project. The 4H needs 400 pounds or approximately 10,000 caps/lids to melted down for a bench. The bench will be donated to the City of Rosiclare. The group has collected half of what it needs and is asking the community to help.

You may drop caps/lids off at the Hardin County Independent. Contact Kim Bainbridge or Ida Bishop if you have questions or if you would like to make a donation in a different location.
The following items are acceptable caps and lids:

Acceptable Caps:
medicine bottle caps
milk jug caps
detergent caps
hair spray caps
toothpaste cube caps
deodorant caps
drink bottle caps
flip-top caps (ketchup, mustard)
spout caps
spray paint caps
ointment tube caps
caps w/ RECYCLE NUMBERS of (2) (4) (5)

Acceptable Lids:
Cottage cheese container lids
mayonnaise jar lids
yogurt lids
peanut butter jar lids
ice cream bucket lids
cool whip container lids
coffee can lids
cream cheese container lids
butter container lids.