3-24-16 Lunch program

3-24-16 lunch program 2


Hardin County School is having to make changes to its lunch program in order to be in compliance with a mandatory state law to participate in the school lunch program called “Offer vs. Serve” (OVS). Offer versus Serve (OVS) is a provision in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP) that allows students to decline some of the food offered. The goals of OVS are to reduce food waste in the school meals programs while permitting students to decline foods they do not intend to eat.
At this time, Hardin County School 9th through 12th grade students will participate for the remainder of this school year for the lunch portion of the program. The program will be implemented for the entire school during the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year.
Using the OVS program, students eating school lunches are required to pick at least three meal components of the five offered, and one of those choices must be a fruit or vegetable. The five meal components are: 1. Meat or Meat Alternate, 2. Grain, 3. Fruit, 4. Vegetable, and 5. Milk. Students are encouraged to pick all five components, but are required to at least pick three.
The kitchen supervisor and school superintendent are wanting parents to be aware of this change. Also, they are encouraging parents to talk with their child(ren) about the importance of picking at least three components, including a vegetable or fruit.
For more information about “Offer vs. Serve”, visit http://www.usda.gov or call the school at (618) 287-7601.