Vienna, Illinois – Family Counseling Center, Inc. (FCCI) Executive Director, Sherrie L. Crabb, has announced that Senator Gary Forby will tour FCCI’s Autumn Ridge Supportive Living Facility to learn more about how the budget impasse is affecting this facility, others owned by FCCI and the future impact the budget impasse could have on Southern Illinois if it is not resolved soon. Director Crabb testified during an Illinois House of Representatives Committee of the Whole hearing on September 24, 2015 in Springfield in support of SB 2046. This bill contains funding for health and human services that have not been appropriated in FY 2016. “Our agency along with so many other community mental health and substance abuse programs are facing devastating cuts to staff and services and some doors have already been forced to close due to this ongoing budget impasse” Director Crabb explained as she spoke about Delta Center, Inc.’s recent closure in Alexander county. “The capacity to serve the State’s most vulnerable will be dramatically reduced again in Southern Illinois where poverty, unemployment, and lack of resources plaque the area. As the largest community mental health provider in the southern 7 counties, currently serving nearly 1,100 clients, we have begun workforce reductions 35 employees have been either laid off or hours have been reduced.” “We are very concerned, not only for our agency’s survival, but we are very concerned for the individuals who are seeking help and our community that we have been committed to serve. Life saving services, the services that ministered to my success as an adult, should not be sacrificed” she pled in support of SB 2046.

Director Crabb invites the public, stakeholders, and media alike to attend this event with Senator Gary Forby.

Date: Friday, October 16, 2015 Time: 12:00 p.m.

Location: Autumn Ridge Supportive Living Facility 1000 Galeener Street Vienna, IL 62995

Phone ~ 618-658-2775 Website ~

Schedule Format: 1. Introduction to FCCI staff. 2. A tour of the facility to allow Senator Gary Forby an opportunity to learn more about clients/residents served and what types of services are offered by FCCI. 3. Discussion about how the budget impasse is affecting FCCI. 4. Questions/Answers for those in attendance regarding the budget impasse and its impact on Southern Illinois.