10-1-15 Roger Herrin floor

Dr. Roger Herrin, Graphic Designer Denise Hastings and Superintendent Dave Reavis.

10-1-15 Roger Herrin

By Jennifer Lane

The Hardin County High School Oxford Gymnasium is looking very sharp right now due to a new gym floor made possible by special graphic design inspired by Denise Hastings and a $25,000.00 donation given by Dr. Roger Herrin. The floor has not been replaced since its initial construction in 1979-1980 when all Hardin County schools were consolidated to the Elizabethtown location. Dr. Herrin, formerly of Hardin County, Cave In Rock in particular, but now residing in Harrisburg is retired from being a surgical podiatrist. A few months ago, athletic director Sharon Austin, came to him looking to raise funds to completely renovate the dynamism floor. She knew that it would be a huge fund raising effort and would take months, if not years to collect enough needed. Dr. Herrin felt compelled to donate the funds that would entirely complete the project. He, along with his family, grew up and went to school in Hardin County. He played on the Cave In Rock Basketball team and shared how they rivaled with the Rosiclare team. Even after receiving his doctorate degree, he stayed active in local sports. For example, when Coach Glen Oxford was the coach he traveled along and helped out when needed. He looked to him as a great friend and mentor. He loves Hardin County and continues to have connections. He makes regular visits to see Jim Gross to get his hair cut. He is happy to see the interest, enthusiasm and appreciation that is given to him for donating the funds for the project, but most importantly he was happy to be able to help out. When the funds were secured for the floor renovation, the next step was creating the design. Denise Hastings of Cave In Rock has painted many large and beautiful murals in the school mostly as volunteer work. Athletic director Austin asked if Hastings could help in creating the graphic design for the new floor. Hastings, who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art, was happy to take on the task and from the start knew exactly how she wanted it to look. Plans are also being made for Hastings to create the design and repaint the entire Oxford Gymnasium. Things are coming along just in time for basketball season to begin.