Sheriff Jerry T. Fricker stands next to patrol car with new decal that reads

Sheriff Jerry T. Fricker stands next to patrol car with new decal that reads “In God We Trust.”

By Jennifer Lane, Hardin County Independent

The Hardin County Sheriff’s Department added a new detail to its patrol cars last week. Decals designed by Graphix Unlimited reading “In God We Trust” were donated to the department by Terry Redden, Jr. who is an E.M.T. at the Clarkton Fire and Rescue in Clarkton, MO. Jessica Fricker, Sheriff’s wife and dispatcher for the sheriff’s department was notified on Facebook about some Missouri police departments receiving the decals. Redden posted that he would donate to any police department that would be honored to display the message.
Dispatcher Fricker contacted Redden to get the process started. “The message is good and any wife (spouse) of a law enforcement officer trusts God to keep them safe,” she said. She felt that it was a good thing to do and hoped that others would see this and start an epidemic. Sheriff Fricker agreed that it was a great thing to do, saying, “This is what our country is founded on.”
The National Motto of the United States of America was signed into law on July 30, 1956 by President Dwight Eisenhower being officially established as “In God We Trust”. From its earliest days, the United States has been a Nation of faith. Many have tried to contest it, but a Supreme Court ruling says that the slogan loses its religious significance making it constitutionally sound and permissible. It is considered a ceremonial deism; however, it carries a much deeper meaning for many.
In preparation for the decals, inmates from the Hardin County Work Camp washed and waxed the patrol cars and Correctional Officer Zach Love added the decals. County Commissioner Michael Burton commented, saying, “Not only should we place this message on our windows, but also keep it with us in our hearts.”
A Jefferson County, Illinois department placed similar decals on its patrol cars this year. Sheriff Fricker asked Rosiclare, Elizabethtown and Cave police departments if they would be interested in having the decals for their patrols cars and they have been ordered.