Patricia Ann Barazowski, affectionately and lovingly known as Patti B., was born to John and Laura Barazowski at the Cook County Hospital on August 30, 1966. She grew up the daughter of a carpenter and cared for lovingly by her mother with happy memories along with her brothers and sisters in the suburbs of Chicago. Closest in age was her brother Greg whom she cherished. On the untimely death of her mother, Patti’s family continued to encourage and assist Patti with her care and needs but knew that something was missing. Reaching out on Patti’s behalf, one of the most wonderful blessings to our lives was made— In 1990 Patti came to live in Hardin County, her new home in Rosiclare, what was then known as Riverview Terrace. She would remain there throughout her days of love and laughter with staff and residents that she would never forget. Residents, staff and even the name of the facility would change to Whispering Oaks but Patti remained the same–a vibrant smiling, light full of resilience. Patti’s love for music and the arts was evident as she enjoyed sharing it with everyone (especially Rock and Roll). She had a knack for making beads and necklaces and excelled in her work at the workshop in resale, of which she was especially proud. Singing karaoke, dancing and competing in the Special Olympics, of which she held countless medals, are just a few of her cherished accomplishments. As we remember the life of our beloved Patti B. and the Gift of Love that she gave to her friends and family, may we also remember her great contributions toward the Gift of life on her passing as she left us at the age of 49 on July 12, 2015. A celebration of life will be given in honor of Patti for her friends, family, co-workers, caregivers, guardian and church family at the First Apostolic Church in Rosiclare, on Sunday, August 23, 2015 during the 11:00 a.m. service.